The school aims at creating an environment in which students grow in confidence and are happy, secure and valued.

The school adopts a child-centred approach, which creates an atmosphere designed to encourage every child to achieve their maximum potential. The school day is filled with lessons and fun activities that contribute to a well-rounded learning experience.

House Systems
The House System is a fundamental part of the school's culture designed to reflect and enhance the values of St. Andrews School. It encourages solidarity across all ages and promotes healthy competition in sports and intra-school activities.
The four Houses:
Emerald Gladiators, Ruby Spartans, Sapphire Knights and Topaz Vikings.

School Day
The school day begins at 8:25 am, followed by the assembly at 8:30 am; the day is divided into three pairs of 40-minute classes. A break of 15 minutes takes place after lesson two. A 30-minute lunch break occurs after period 4, which is used by students to play, make use of the library or engage in some kind of musical activity. The school day ends at 3:00 pm.